About Woodworking by Design

Established in 1994 by brothers, Jim and Tony Knapke. Wood Working by Design (WWBD) was founded with the guiding principle to produce the highest quality, artisan crafted, mill works with unmatched detail and design. Just as importantly, the company’s mission promises to provide clients with the highest level of personal service; including the fastest production turn around and delivery times in the industry—all backed with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

WWBD allows their customers the freedom to design and create unique patterns and trim profiles that other companies will not, or simply cannot, produce. When a customer envisions a unique or intricate pattern, the WWBD team masterly machines the tooling to craft their dream trim work into reality. This “You envision it, we craft it” approach and dedication to fulfilling client expectation quickly earned WWBD a distinguished reputation as the regions premiere mill working company.

Discriminating builders, designers, architects and homeowners alike rely on WWBD to deliver the highest quality custom woodworking products available in the industry today.

About Envision Doors by Design

As Wood Working by Design continued to expand, they began to distribute doors in order to better serve their clients. Custom door jambs and casing packages were crafted and installed to match the intricate home interior mill works already being designed, produced, and supplied in the Indiana plant. However, it was found that the doors being supplied by manufacturers did not live up to the high quality standards and craftsmanship that was demanded. Also, delivery would sometimes take ten weeks delaying completion of contracted projects. Finding this unacceptable, the decision to manufacture doors was made. Envision Doors are crafted with the finest materials in the industry today, utilizing solid wood throughout. Doors are engineered on Envision Cad® maintaining architectural integrity. CNC technology precision cuts every component to the tightest tolerance allowing intricate details and designs to be produced. Highly skilled artisan craftsmen then assemble the doors paying attention to every detail, assuring the quality standards of Envision Doors are met.

The parent company’s customer philosophy also guides Envision Doors providing the freedom to design and create unique door panels and profiles.

Envision Doors will create new tooling if necessary to satisfy the customer’s vision.

Providing clients with the highest level of personal service, by delivering the fastest production turn around and service times in the industry, and backing it with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

The end result is quality doors that will last generations; doors truly worth going through.

Our Mission Statement

Envision Doors by Design exists to help you succeed in your competitive marketplace by providing you with products and service that is clearly superior to any alternative. So, our jobs encompass more than just the tasks we perform – they require that we care about your needs. Our work isn’t done until each customer’s need is met.

Serving our customers is worthwhile and valuable. We know that serving others does not demean us. Rather, it is the path to true achievement, which is the ability to have an impact for good. Serving with excellence is also enjoyable. We communicate that joy to our customers by being a pleasure to work with.

When our customers succeed, Envision Doors by Design succeeds. Our success is a byproduct, not a goal. If we serve our customers with excellence in all aspects including but not limited to Door quality, timely delivery and superior service, our success as well as our dealers and end users will be assured. There is no other foundation for enduring success.

When Envision Doors by Design succeeds, each of us succeeds. We value each person and respect the dignity each person possesses. We are fair and considerate in all our dealings, whether we are buying, selling, or working side by side. Envision Doors by Design fosters employees’ growth, deploys their growing skills, and rewards them well.

Integrity is essential for sound, enduring relationships with customers, suppliers and service providers, and fellow employees. Integrity is more than the absence of falsehood; it makes the promises that should be made, and keeps them.

Success is a moving target. We continually increase the value we provide relative to its cost. If we are improving faster than competing manufacturer, we will succeed. If we ever get complacent with our high standards in door manufacturing, ordering process, distribution, product development, marketing and most importantly customer service, we are on the path to failure, no matter how successful we have been.



Woodworking by Design | 14525 Bruick Drive | Hoagland, IN 46745

Phone and FAX: +1.260.639.3475 | Toll-Free: 1.888.356.DOOR

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